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Evolve Vapors was incepted in Orange County, CA in January 2013 with a simple creed : To create The Guaranteed Switching Experience for smokers so that we can introduce them correctly to the world of vaping and deliver the Ultimate Vaping Experience for intermediary and avid vapers.We are unique in the Vaping industry. We are the only company that designs their own devices, houses an internal R&D department, Engineering and Design team and have our own International flavor and liquid manufacturing plants as well as our own component assembly facilities.For our devices and tanks, we've contracted the world's leading components manufacturers with industry leading certifications. In our liquids we use only USA Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine, USP Kosher VG and PG and source all out ingredients from HAACP certified facilities.Nothing is more important to us than your safety and health. We spare no costs, cut no corners and we demand perfection in all that we create and manufacture because nothing lesser is acceptable.We know you will enjoy our multiple devices we are launching, all of which employ industry leading technology, some of which are US Patented, and relish the exotic flavors inspired by renewed worldwide chefs. So sit back, take a long deep drag, or maybe take a few!Peace of Mind. That's the Evolve difference. We guarantee it.

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