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does rugby or football have more concussions

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more concussions than football players? ...

Well they are about the same they always have concussions

Rugby and Football

Our increased knowledge and awareness of the dangers of football are believed to be a big reason the NFL’s TV ratings have gone down each of the past two seasons.

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Graf English 1301 9 Roby 4 October 2014 Football or Rugby Nowadays, people are not as tough as they used to be.

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But, in terms or risk, how does it measure up against the British equivalent?

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The Ethics of Watching Football. ... In light of the ongoing concussion crisis, domestic violence scandals, and more problems plaguing ...

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MATRIKS : 08DKE09F2094 INTRODUCTION Rugby football (also known as "rugby") is either of two current sports, either rugby league ...

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Not to be confused with Rugby league. ... Rugby union. South African Victor Matfield takes a line-out against New Zealand in 2006.

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This article is about the American variation of gridiron football.

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Part of the American football series on the History of American football Origins of American football.